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A History Of

World Evangelism – Global Outreach


The ministry of WE-GO was the result of a dream birthed by the missions program of First Christian Church in Marianna, Arkansas.  It became a reality after plans were made for opening a new evangelistic work in Russia.  The purpose statement of the charter states, “The purpose of WE-GO Mission Coalition is to develop national and international evangelistic programs to train and educate workers for the establishment and development of indigenous Christian Churches.

The Russian work was begun in August of 1992 when Max & Marilyn Goins moved to Moscow.  They came with the plan of opening churches.  To do this they planned to open also a Bible College to train leaders for those churches.  During the first period of ministry Ray Trantham joined them.  Ray and his family later moved to Odessa, Ukraine where he teaches at a seminary.

In October of 1991 Max had been with a team of evangelists that led an evangelistic crusade in the city of Gus Khrustalnyy, 150 miles east of Moscow.  They had baptized 56 people who had no church to disciple them.  The thought of those people were the major motivation for moving to Russia.  In September of 1992 they opened a church in that city as well as a church in Moscow in the building where the college meets.  Both congregations were officially registered in 1993 with the Russian government.  They have led both congregations as they have been training Russian leadership for those congregations.

During July of 1992 a group led by Reggie Thomas of White Fields Evangelism came to Moscow for the purpose of preaching and opening congregations.  They preached in 10 locations, including the college facility.  When they left, there were 10 small groups of people meeting in the city of Moscow.  Each of those groups had selected a young, English speaking Russian to lead them. 

These 10 young Russians became the students of the Bible College.  Thus, what is now The Christian Academy of the Apostle Paul was born with 10 students and one teacher.  At the present time, 4 of those original students are teaching at Apostle Paul Academy.

In addition to that program, Ray and Max offered Bible classes to the students of the Vocational Technical College where they rented space for the Academy.  The first year saw one hundred ninety-eight of the Technical Institute students study a forty-day course of general Bible studies.  One hundred eighty-nine of them completed the course.  In the second year figures for Technical College students was about the same.  After the second year, the Technical College’s program of studies collapsed, eliminating that aspect of the studies.

The second year saw the number of Bible students increase and include non-English speaking students so the classes began to be interpreted into Russian.  Most of the students during those early days were studying during the day at other universities and only attended the Bible Academy in the evening as part time students.

The Academy completed five years of part time studies.  In the fall of 1997 it was decided to go to a four-year program of studies and require students to be full time in their studies.  A student who successfully attended classes four hours per day, four days per week, for four years would be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry.  The program is also structured so that a student attending only one year will receive a Bible knowledge certificate.  A student who successfully completes two years of study will receive an Associates Degree in Christian Ministry.   Five students enrolled as full-time students in the fall of 1997.

In the spring of 2001 four of those five students graduated.  Three of them completed their studies Magna Cum Laude.  We were extremely proud of the example these students set for those who were to follow.  One of those students has been accepted in Medical School.  She plans to open a Christian medical ministry.  Two of them will be working with street children.  One hopes to go to Uzbekistan as a missionary.

During the next four years there were fifty-five students in the degree program.  There were an additional twenty to thirty who attended part time or only audit classes.  Each year during that period we saw the incoming class increase over the previous year.   May of 06 saw the largest graduating class.  There has not been a graduation class since then as the study program of the college has taken on a different form.  Most of our students today are involved in one of our distance learning programs.  We will not be able to greatly develop our on campus program until we are able to have our own facility with the ability to house students.

The church-planting program has shown steady growth.  Whereas most of the congregations we work with are in Central Russia, we also work with congregations in the Far East of Russia and in central Siberia.  We hope very soon to plant a church in the far south of Russia in the city of Krasnodar.  We also have been blessed to have a number of students coming to us from non-instrumental congregations all over Russia.

All of this history has not been accomplished by the work of WE-GO alone.  In 1993 Scott Spies from Dallas Christian College joined us.  Also in 93 Steve and Debi Hinton (Steve is from Paramount Terrace) came to work for two years.  George & Connie Keralis soon joined our team.  Scott & Carmen LaRue & Scott & Cindy Lund have moved to Moscow from other areas of Russia to work with our group.  At the present time all these Americans have returned to the states.  Presently all the work in Russia is under Russian leadership.  Rex & Sue Wolfe are presently living full-time in Moscow and working as English teachers and helping plant a new church in a Moscow suburb.   Max presently spends approximately half a year in Russia serving as a teacher and advisor.  The other half year is spent promoting the work and raising funds in America.   

During the graduation ceremony at the college in May of 2002, Max turned the leadership over to Dennis Zamislov, a Russian who had been his assistant for a number of years.  Dennis served as President of the college for two years.  At the present time Yuri Tamourkin serves as President.  St. Paul now has its own board of trustees consisting of Max and a group of Russians.  Max continues to teach classes.  He also spends time in America raising funds and developing the distance learning program and some other very interesting projects.

We are really looking forward, with excitement, to what God has in store for our work. We have proven that the mission field can be a place where indigenous congregations can be established.  All our congregations are at some stage of self-support.  Already four of them are sending 10% of their offerings to help support the college.  It will still be some time before the work stands alone, but we are headed in the right direction.